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Unleash your highest potential_Front Cover_092314


  • How to dream big and how to achieve it
  • How to get rid of bad habits anf develop good ones
  • How to establish harmonious relationships with others
  • How to work with Passion, excellence and dedication
  • How to be 100% in everything you do
  • How to turn adversities into opportunities
  • How to be a seed-minded not need minded
  • How to fix your problems once and for all



Kontento ka na ba sa pagpapalaki ng anak mo_051414LEARN:

  • Four kinds of parents and Children
  • How to deal, manage and respond to common strategies children use to outwit their parents
  • 7 P’s in unleashing the highest potential of your child
  • Discipline techniques and strategies
  • Tips in Parenting: (Practice One Approval Policy, Practice Simulated Learning, Do not give your children too much privacy, Be sure to belong to the TGIF with your children… and many others)
  • Frequently asked questions in Parenting
  • And many more….

Mag-asaway Di Biro_Front CoverLEARN:

  • How to prepare for marriage
  • Various problems affecting the marriage today
  • The different kinds of marriages
  • Techniques & strategies to help turn a marriage from good to great
  • Specific solutions to specific marriage problems
  • And many more…