WARNING Unleash Training Program is a duly licensed program conducted by Unleash International Corporation, a duly registered company under Philippine law. The public is hereby warned of imitations of the program being conducted by individuals/ corporation outside of Unleash International. Any imitation of the program is a violation of laws governing Intellectual Property Rights, for which Unleash International may take legal action. The public is encouraged to report such violation.

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Avelynn R. Garcia


  She is currently the Executive Vice-president of Unleash International, a company whose main mission is to unleash the highest potential in people towards success, happiness and significance. She has powerfully conducted high impact training programs which made a difference in the lives of thousands of people from different industries both in the Philippines and abroad-local government units, telecommunications companies, consumer-based, banking, food and restaurants, resorts, hotels, television networks, schools, petroleum, health, bookstores, pharmaceutical companies and a lot more companies included in the list of Fortune 500.

  Among the many companies she had conducted programs with are Jollibee Foods Corporation, Jollibee-New York, USA, Jollibee Worldwide, Chowking, Red Ribbon, Red Ribbon-New Jersey, USA, Greenwich, Nokia, Pilipinas Shell, Philippine Geothermal Inc., Petron, Mitsubishi Motors, Toyota Motors Philippines, Medical City, Capitol Medical, Grepalife, Primer, Yuchengco Group, AstraZeneca, Abbott Laboratories, Wyeth, OMF Literature, Mannasoft Inc., TFCA, Manila International Airport Authority, Maxicare, PTV 4, RPN 9, GMA Channel 7, Philippine Journalists, Shangri-la, Glaxo Pharma, GCF, Greencross, Westmont Pharma
(a subsidiary of Unilab), Energizer, Kraft, AB Foods, 3M, Chevrolet, Fuji Electric, First Sumiden Circuits Inc., Suysing, Philippine Recyclers Inc., Philippine Batteries Inc., Flawless, Terra Wellness-Discovery Suites, Maybank, GSIS, POEA, Rotary Club of the Philippines, People Managers Association of the Philippines (PMAP), various government agencies and a lot more.

  She has participated in "The Club" segment series featuring "Career Management" on GMA Channel 7 and conducted Career Management Series on television. She is often invited in different television programs to talk about her passion for unleashing.

  She was formerly the Assistant Vice-President for Human Resources Department of GMA Channel 7. Other companies she worked for were Strategic Solutions Integrators Inc., Barclay International Manufacturing Corporation, Agathos Corporation, Electronics Assemblies Inc. (an Ayala subsidiary), Philippine Behavioral Center and National Center for Mental Health.

  She obtained her Bachelor's degree in Clinical and Industrial Psychology from Far Eastern University (as an Ateneo de Manila University consistent full academic scholar and has been a recipient of Academic Excellence Award). She also completed Labor Law in Industrial Relations from University of the Philippines and M.S. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from De La Salle University. She has taken intensive studies in Chinese language at Beijing Language and Culture University in Beijing, China.

  She has consistently believed that there is potential that can still be unleashed and adhere in the idea that every person has untapped potentials that need to be released. Her passion and commitment to this advocacy keeps her spirit aflame with ardor and fervor to continue the mission of unleashing potentials.